SPONSOR UPDATE: Premier Mechanical Services
We are so excited about our newest sponsor and addition to the Alpha family!!!  We are becoming even stronger and growing even more with the addition of Premier Mechanical Services!

May 16, 2022:

Premier Mechanical Services was formed late in 2007 because the owner had spent two decades working in the industry and had an unstoppable belief that all companies in the Florida area were doing business roughly the same way. This includes everything from preventative maintenance departments (we do not have one, we have our trained technicians perform all preventative maintenance, not lower scaled preventative maintenance employees who are in training to become technicians), to the stringent billing and collections methods used (there are always options, based on the customers set up, etc). In short, he wanted to throw away the old formula that had always been used and apply what he believed would benefit the customers better. This new formula has a proven success record, as it has propelled Premier Mechanical Services to become one of the leading HVACR service providers in our region.

About Alpha Cycling:
Our mission is to elevate the sport of cycling and promote our sponsors through participation in local cycling events, group rides, social media, and an aggressive race schedule. We are leaders in the women's cycling community, working together to encourage and support each other while testing our limits and exceeding our goals. We always represent our sponsors with integrity and enthusiasm through our passion for cycling. We are striving to create a strong and welcoming community of women cyclists who enjoy the sport of cycling whether competitively, for fitness or just for fun. While we focus on building the women's cycling community, the Alpha Cycling club is open to all cyclists, regardless of gender or level of experience.

Alpha Cycling, Inc. is a Florida-based 501c3 Not for Profit corporation. 

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