NEWS UPDATE: Florida Velodrome Association Sponsors Alpha Cycling
We are so excited about our newest sponsor and addition to the Alpha family!!!  We are becoming even stronger and growing even more with the addition of the Florida Velodrome Association!

May 8, 2022:

The Florida Velodrome Association (FVA) is a non-profit 503-(c)4 who’s mission is to  foster and promote the sport of track cycling. Headquartered at the Brian Piccolo Velodrome in Cooper City, Florida, the FVA hosts numerous training sessions and races throughout the year. The FVA is funded by training session fees, race fees and private donations from individials. Local bike shops and other businesses help sponsor race events.

The Florida Velodrome Association is committed to:

  • Promoting awareness of the Velodrome at Brian Piccolo Park in Broward County.

  • Developing the sport of track cycling by establishing and running a consistent, well organized racing program for athletes of all capabilities.

  • Developing local youth participants in the sport of cycling.
  • Promoting a “Fit For Life” philosophy for athletes of all ages.

For further information about the FVA, please email or contact Leonard A. Hall. 

We will be partnering with them and organizing women’s only track events and sharing information like how riding on the track can help you on the road!!  

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About Alpha Cycling: 
Our mission is to elevate the sport of cycling and promote our sponsors through participation in local cycling events, group rides, social media, and an aggressive race schedule. We are leaders in the women's cycling community, working together to encourage and support each other while testing our limits and exceeding our goals. We always represent our sponsors with integrity and enthusiasm through our passion for cycling. We are striving to create a strong and welcoming community of women cyclists who enjoy the sport of cycling whether competitively, for fitness or just for fun. While we focus on building the women's cycling community, the Alpha Cycling club is open to all cyclists, regardless of gender or level of experience.

Alpha Cycling, Inc. is a Florida-based 501c3 Not for Profit corporation. 

For more information about Women's Cycling in Florida, please see our About Us page. If you are interested in supporting our mission to get more women involved in the sport of cycling, please contact us.