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At MUMU Cycling Apparel, we want to give you the power to totally customize your cycling clothing. We are committed to ensuring that you and your team look and feel great in your custom products and accessories on and off the bike. Our products are fueled by current retail trends, technically advanced fabrics and design, superior fit, and functionality. We’re sure this combination will provide you with a product that both looks and feels great.

Solo Warrior is a local south Florida business that offers a full line of premium cycling socks for men and women. 

Skip Guarniere is the owner and visionary behind Synergy Personal Training in Delray Beach, Florida. He opened his first studio in 2001 in Oslo, Norway where he began training elite athletes and developed his scientific approach to personal training and weight loss. While abroad, Skip earned notoriety and accolades for his method of conditioning. In 2006, Guarniere was honored to instruct the Gold Medal-Winning Norwegian Ski Team who adopted his techniques as part of their training routine.

Air Relax is a maker of compression recovery boots. 

“Compression garments add external pressure. Blood can easily pool in the extremities, especially in the lower limbs due to gravity,” writes exercise physiologist Ross Hamilton in his guide for recovery. “The extra compression helps squeeze the blood out of the muscles and back to the lungs and heart. This allows fresh oxygenated blood to replace it.”