We are so excited to welcome IDDE "I Don't Do Easy" to the Alpha Family!

May 31, 2022:

Every Success Story Started with a Kid Who Hated to Lose! Our primary goal is to inspire a community of those who live by I DON’T DO EASY. I DON’T DO EASY is a way of life! Every day you fight for personal goals. Those goals could be sports, school, corporate or survival. Anyone who is successful gets up every day knowing success and accomplishment is not easy.

People fighting through cancer, or other debilitating diseases DON’T DO EASY. Any person who has aspirations of becoming a pro athlete lives every day thinking “I DON’T DO EASY”.  A child of poverty who was gifted with a tremendous mind must beat the odds every day securing good grades to get accepted into a good college. They achieve their goals by living I DON’T DO EASY every day.

I DON’T DO EASY is a way of life! You fight for what you want. Our website has a tab for you to post your I DON’T DO EASY story.

We also sell our brand of clothes online! We print this inspirational quote on shirts, cups, and accessories to sell online, which are available on our shop page at affordable prices.

10% of our net merchandise sales will go to charity. We have picked three charities and will donate the proceeds equally amongst the three.  

- St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital 

- Susan G Komen Breast Cancer  

- Concussion Legacy Foundation 

Our primary goal is to inspire a community of those who DON’T DO EASY.


About Alpha Cycling:
Our mission is to elevate the sport of cycling and promote our sponsors through participation in local cycling events, group rides, social media, and an aggressive race schedule. We are leaders in the women's cycling community, working together to encourage and support each other while testing our limits and exceeding our goals. We always represent our sponsors with integrity and enthusiasm through our passion for cycling. We are striving to create a strong and welcoming community of women cyclists who enjoy the sport of cycling whether competitively, for fitness or just for fun. While we focus on building the women's cycling community, the Alpha Cycling club is open to all cyclists, regardless of gender or level of experience.

Alpha Cycling, Inc. is a Florida-based 501c3 Not for Profit corporation. 

For more information about Women's Cycling in Florida, please see our About Us page. If you are interested in supporting our mission to get more women involved in the sport of cycling, please contact us.